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A mum on a mission, to make a change

Our idea was born in lockdown...

From our family home in Cheshire I began to think about the hygiene, skincare and cleaning products I was using to keep my family safe during the Covid pandemic. I started to look in to the ingredients in these products and found it alarming that the products I was using in order to keep my babies safe were actually in fact full of nasties, and that was when the concept for Precious Angels was born. 


Sanitising & disinfecting

the gentler way...

Precious Angels sanitiser and disinfecting products are alcohol free and use a gentle yet powerful formulation that is 99.9% effective against bacteria, fungi and viruses to EN test standards.  


Our advanced formulation has a low hazard rating, therefore our products are much milder than alcohol based alternatives, perfect for little people. They are also fragrance free so no harsh chemical odours, which is often the case with other sanitising and cleaning products. 


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide protection for little people whilst they're growing and exploring the wonders of life; so parents can be confident knowing their precious angels are taken care of. 


The safety of little people and their skin is our primary objective and we are committed to delivering high quality products to help them learn and develop. 


10 reasons...

1. Alcohol free

2. Gentle on skin 

3. Fragrance free 

4. Cost effective 2 in 1 cleaning and disinfecting 

5. Meets or exceeds EN test standards 

6. 99.9% effective against bacteria and fungi 

7. Wipes can be used on most surfaces 

8. Formulated for delicate skin 

9. Moisturising properties 

10. Low hazard rating  

Lemon tell you why you'll love it 

Proud to support


We are proud supporters of the Hygiene Bank in their fight against hygiene poverty, a problem we can easily fix. 

Feeling clean should not be a luxury and we want to do our bit to give others access to the basics they need. 

Fancy a challenge, ready for a new direction? 

Why not come and work with us? Are you passionate about looking after our next generation and want to join a growing family business. Then what are you waiting for get in touch today...

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