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Avo look at our Products


Gentle Hand Sanitising Foam


  • Alcohol and fragrance free 

  • 99.9% effective against bacteria and fungi 

  • No need for water 

  • Easy to use 

  • Ideal for using on the go and when travelling

  • Moisturising properties so no need to use a separate moisturiser

No nasties 

Surface & Toy disinfectant spray

Mom and a Child


  • 2 in 1 Anti-Microbial surface cleaner & disinfectant spray 

  • Fragrance & alcohol free 

  • Perfect for using on toys, high chairs and changing tables

  • Effective against coronavirus, MRSA, salmonella and many others 

2 in 1 Anti-Microbial surface cleaning wipes 


  • Alcohol free wipes for both cleaning & disinfecting surfaces 

  • Perfect for using when you’re out and about to clean high chairs and changing tables

  • Pre-saturated wipes so no need for water 

Precious Angels Wipes Packet.jpg
Playing with Toys

Hand Sanitising Soap


  • Alcohol and fragrance free

  • Easy to use pump action

  • Cleans and disinfects hands

  • Gentle to use everyday

  • Moisturising properties so no need to use a separate moisturiser

  • Great for potty training

Time for some questions

How have our products been tested?

Our products have been independently tested, meeting or exceeding the requirements of European Test Standards and proven to be anti-viral, anti bacterial and fungicidal.


Why is no alcohol important to us? 

Alcohol free is important to us and our little people who use our products. It has no hidden nasties and is gentle to use on delicate skin regularly. 


What surfaces can our wipes be used on?

Our cleaning and disinfectant products can be used on most surfaces including fabrics, leather, plastics and wood. Unlike bleach, alcohol, acid or solvent based solutions which can cause damage, our product is gentle yet offers protection for little explorers. 

Coming soon...




Sun cream

After swim balm

Insect balm 

Barrier cream

Body butter 

Bath bubbles  

Shower foam


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