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  • Alcohol and fragrance free 
  • 99.9% effective against bacteria and fungi 
  • No need for water 
  • Easy to use 
  • Ideal for using on the go and when travelling
  • Moisturising properties so no need to use a separate moisturiser


Precious Angels sanitiser and disinfecting products are alcohol free and use a gentle yet powerful formulation that is 99.9% effective against bacteria, fungi and viruses to EN test standards. 


Our advanced formulation has a low hazard rating, therefore our products are much milder than alcohol based alternatives, perfect for little people. They are also fragrance free so no harsh chemical odours, which is often the case with other sanitising and cleaning products.

Gentle Hand Sanitising Foam 200ml

100 Milliliters
  • Water, Quaternary Ammonium Compounds and a Chelating Agent. All actives are supported under the EU BPR Active substance Review Programme for use with human hygiene biocidal products (1) and Private and Public Health Area Disinfectants (2). Active ingredients comprise less than 1% by volume and no individual ingredient exceeds 0.1%.

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