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Lessons learned from Lockdown 1

We’re all questioning whether our sanity can survive another lockdown, but what we need to remember is we survived the first and we will conquer the second.

The first lockdown took us by surprise, this one seems to have eased its way back to our day to day life. And we have learnt lessons right?

Yes, the first lockdown taught us to deal with the unexpected and the uncertainty of this new way of life. This time around we’re already pros at dealing with our lives being turned upside down.

We learnt we are stronger than we thought and having babies and toddlers at home 24/7 is achievable, virtual baby classes are just a normal part of life now. In fact anything virtual is just the new norm.

We have mastered cooking around the clock, baking banana bread, upcycling furniture, daily walks, diy tasks and finding pleasure in the more simpler things in life.

Yes we have missed our family and friends, our usual meet ups, celebrating a birthday with loved ones, eating out, the list could go on. But we have learnt to accept this and find ways of staying connected and positive and we will take these findings and apply them as pros throughout lockdown 2.0.


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