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Holidaying with two...

The last few years have been challenging to travel but now that things seem to be back to normal, holidaying is most definitely been back on the cards this summer.

Whilst holidaying is familiar travelling with 2 kids is definitely something new. Starting from packing to airport arrangements, then keeping them entertained on flights and transfers there’s a lot to master even before the holiday has started.

They will be a lot of WHY questions so be prepared, “why’s it taking so long”, “why do we have to sit in our seats”, “why do we have to queue” etc etc.

Being prepared is our advice. Mentally and also with all the resources you could possibly need.

Some tips below we found useful for travelling:

  • Plenty of snacks/drinks to last the whole flight

  • Lots of small toys, colouring, sticker books

  • Wet wipes and of course our children’s hand sanitiser, as sticky hands are not good in confide spaces

  • Their favourite teddy, blanket or comforter if you want them to nap on the flight

  • iPad or device fully loaded with downloads of their favourite programs

  • Headphones if you plan on using a device, not everyone likes listening to peppa pig on repeat 🙈

And even though it can seem daunting and difficult travelling with little ones it’s worth it in the end when you arrive and can finally relax and enjoy some well deserved quality time together as a family!


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