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Let's talk potty training

So we decided to start the potty training journey with our 3 year old (yes we waited until he was 3), whilst on holiday a few weeks ago. We felt holiday was the perfect time where we could both concentrate fully on helping him. And it was also acceptable for him to be running around naked.

We tried a few times before to potty train but to be honest we simply weren’t committed and he just wasn’t interested.

I’m glad to say that waiting in our case has paid off, and it was a smooth transition from nappy’s to toilet in a few days. We skipped the potty as this didn’t work for us previously.

To help us along we read Jamie Glowacki’s book OH CRAP! POTTY TRAINING. And although most of it was common sense it got us as parents in the right headspace to tackle the journey and commit.

We also found our hand soap and sanitisers were key essentials, getting them excited to wash their hands and allowing them the freedom to do it themselves was super easy with our foam pumps. The Precious Angels sanitiser also came in handy when having toilet stops whilst out and about or when they go to the toilet on there own and they ‘forget’ to wash their hands after.


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