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Living in lockdown with a newborn

Lockdown was a new concept for all of us, never mind a new mum. A global pandemic turned our already new world upside down. The visits from family and friends were halted, our support network was virtual and we had to adjust to our new family concept confined to our home.

So how did mums live through lockdown with a newborn baby? For us it was difficult to get our head around at the start, however looking back now it was a real blessing. No pressure to be anywhere for a certain time, no need to even get dressed if we didn’t feel like it, sounds ideal when coping on a couple of hours sleep?!

Well not exactly, sometimes the necessity to get dressed for something is actually the push in the direction you need as a new mum. Something to make you feel like a human again even if it is a struggle. We found that having a sort of normal routine which involved a bath/shower with a toddler and a newborn every morning (or afternoon some days) really helped to set the day of in the right direction.

Some days this was our only accomplishment, but that was okay during lockdown. Our days were longer and slower and we were able to appreciate the little things, like the snuggles on the sofa watching day time tv without feeling guilty or having the feeling your missing out on anything. Which is a worry when you first become a mum.

We found pleasure in dressing our newborn in her best new clothes simply to go the living room for a photoshoot to send on to family and friends. And enjoyed the lockdown bubble of simply being at home for days on end, something we rarely did prior to covid.

However, there were concerns, how do you keep your most precious assets safe during a global pandemic?! The bubble couldn’t last forever, normal life had to resume at some point even if this was a new norm.

With our first born the idea of sterilising everything baby related was mandatory, but sanitising everything that entered our home and being worried about leaving even for a daily walk was a new concept. Luckily for us we found comfort in children friendly products that contained no alcohol or harmful chemicals, this was our inspiration for Precious Angels and provided us a positive focus throughout lockdown.


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