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Adjusting to life with two under 2

Life as a new mum the second time round is still a daunting prospect, especially if you have two babies close together. We discuss how to survive two under 2 and come out of the other side.

So you’ve just had a baby so you already know everything there is to know right?! Not exactly, a second baby brings a whole new wave of uncertainties and concerns. Yes you know the basics feeding, routines, how to use baby equipment and gadgets etc. But a new baby brings a new personality and can turn your world upside down.

Every baby is different and that is sometimes difficult to get your head around. Just because your first born did something one way or hit a milestone by a certain age, doesn’t necessarily mean your next baby will follow the same pattern.

Naturally they’ll have similarities, they may look and sound alike but even from day one small personality differences can be visible. Taking the time to understand and getting to know your new baby is key, although this can be difficult with a demanding toddler around that wants your attention non stop.

With your first baby many people told you not to compare to other people’s babies, and that they all do things when their ready. And again this is important to remember when drawing any comparisons between siblings however close in age. Accepting that your second born may not sleep through the night the same as the first born, or fall in to the same routine patterns, your new baby will bring a whole new set of rules with them.

Of course you can try and use the same tactics and routines that you applied with your first born, just don’t be disheartened if they don’t work in the same way. Spending time and bonding with your new baby is the best way to learn what works best for you both.

And not forgetting your first born when in this newborn bubble is also key, did someone say this was an easy task?! Showing them lots of love and including them in getting to know their brother or sister is also crucial so they don’t feel left out. Of course their world as they knew it has changed forever, but they adapt so easily you’ll be surprised how quickly they take on their new role of big sister or brother. And how well they do at it!

Including your first born as much as possible in the first few weeks, even in the most simplest of tasks, such as changing a nappy. Ask them to help get the essentials ready wipes, cream, nappy etc will make them feel part of it and toddlers love to help out. They need time as well to adjust to the new family addition so take things slow and go at their pace.

Going from a family of 3 to 4 can seem a mammoth task however you have all the transferable skills and toolkit already so remember that. And you have the worlds best helper (first born) to be your able assistant along this new journey in to motherhood as a mum of 2.


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