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Is sanitiser safe for children?

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

This is a question we get asked a lot, and one we were questioning prior to developing Precious Angels. There is a balance between safety of using sanitiser vs risk of not using hand sanitiser. Our Precious Angels hand sanitising foam is produced in the UK and is non hazardous, the chemical used is actually less harsh than what you find in most baby wipes. It is non alcoholic and fragrance free, designed for frequent use on sensitive skin. Obviously it is every parents choice what products to use on their babies and children’s skin and we believe it is important for parents to make informed decisions, after all our skin is our largest organ and what we use on our precious angels should be considered carefully.

With any skin care product you never know how the skin may react as every person is different, but being informed on ingredients in products we believe is crucial especially when it comes to products we use on our children’s skin. Our Previous Angels sanitiser foam has less than 1 % active ingredient and it’s a lower chemical content than most non alcoholic hand sanitiser on the market.

Key facts about our gentle hand sanitiser foam: •Alcohol and fragrance free •99.9% effective against bacteria and fungi •No need for water •Easy to use  •Ideal for using on the go and when travelling


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