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Keeping babies and toddlers safe in the sun

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

This is one concern which is definitely at the top of our list when preparing for a holiday with children whether it’s a beach holiday abroad or a staycation in the UK.

We’ve had some great weather this year in the UK which has definitely helped during lockdown, but as our children have wanted to be outside a lot more it has been a priority to keep them safe from the sun.

So what are our top tips:

  • Always be prepared and keep suncream in the house

  • We like to select a sensitive one which doesn’t have any harmful ingredients in for our little people

  • Try and encourage them to wear a hat whenever out in the sun, make it fun for them and wear one too. Maybe even matching!

  • Having their water cup or bottle to hand will enable you to remind them to take regular sips throughout the day

  • Choose activities which you can enjoy outside in the shade whilst keeping cool

  • Use a parasol, tent or teepee to create a shaded play area

  • If there napping outside always make sure there in the shade, and keep an eye on them as the sun moves as fast as our precious angels

  • Choose snacks that have a high water content such as cucumber sticks or melon

Being prepared for different weather conditions is key when your out and about with children, we take our pram rain cover everywhere, just in case, this is England after all! Even on cloudy days the suns rays may still be strong so applying suncream to your precious angels can give you peace of mind that there protected. Choosing the right suncream can be tricky but one that isn’t full of harmful chemicals and suitable for sensitive skin we believe is best.

Our Precious Angels suncare range for children is designed especially for little people and is kind on their delicate skin, giving you assurance that they can play safely on a sunny day.


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