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Tidy up Time

At the end of each day we find harmony in tidying our children’s toys away ready for a new day of playing, pulling out and exploring toys like they’ve never been seen before.

Trying to get our toddler to engage in tidy up time isn’t easy and it’s normally something we do once he’s asleep. And even though we know within 10 minutes of him waking up it will be the same toy chaos in the lounge, kitchen and conservatory, there is something therapeutic about tidying up toys.

Keeping toys safe and clean is also important to us. In our household we often use toys to help us stay in our high chairs at meal times so they often end up messy. Our toddler also likes to take toys out and about in the car and on walks so it’s good to know we can clean them up and keep them germ free with child friendly products.

Our wipes and toy sanitiser spray both contain no alcohol or other nasties but still kill germs and viruses, including coronavirus, salmonella and many more. Precious Angel’s 2 in 1 wipes are ideal for using on the go and clean as well as disinfect, which many other disinfectant wipes don’t.

We use the Surface and Toy Sanitiser spray at the end of each day on kitchen surfaces, high chairs and toy areas just to make sure everything is nice and clean and safe for our children to explore and enjoy the next day.


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